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IncorpCity guarantees your satisfaction with our service and support. If you are not satisfied with our services, please contact us immediately and we will correct the situation, provide a refund or offer credit that can be used for future IncorpCity orders. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. If I'm not satisfied can I get a refund?

- If you're not satisfied, simply give us a call at (855) INC-CITY (855-462-2489) during our normal business hours. If an order is cancelled after payment has been taken by IncorpCity but before a preliminary name check has been completed, we will refund the total order amount less a $20 processing fee. If the order is cancelled after the preliminary name check has been completed but before the incorporation documents have been sent to state for processing, we will refund the total amount of the order less a $40 processing fee provided that the formation document is not already filed with the state. Unfortunately, we can't refund or credit any money paid to IncorpCity that has already been paid to the state for filing fees.

2. Can I change package or type of business entity after I completed order?

- Yes, you can. If you want to change the type of business entity (example: LLC to Corporation) or to upgrade or downgrade your package, you must contact us immediately. If we did not file your documents with appropriate state agency we will request additional information if needed and adjust purchase price for additional charge or refund.

3. Do I need Registered Agent Services for my company?

- If you're incorporating in the state where your business is located, then you serve as your own registered agent. But if you're incorporating in the state where you do not have physical presence (street address), you must appoint registered agent. IncorpCity offers registered agent services as part of incorporation packages and as a standalone service.

4. How many Shares of Stock and Par Value is appropriate for my corporation?

- IncorpCity incorporates C corporations and S corporations with a default number of shares of stock and a default par value on those shares which varies per state. You can select a different number of shares and/or par value by changing those numbers within the incorporation order form, but it may result in a change to your state filing fees.